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Frequently Asked Questions: Pests

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What is a pest?

Insects or animals are considered pests if they cause destruction to your property. This can be through feeding on your crops, pets, livestock or food, and/or causing structural damage to the property.


Are spiders a pest?

Although many people have a fear of spiders, they are not considered a pest in the UK as most species will not bite humans or cause any serious harm. Contrarily, spiders feed on common household pests, such as flies, moths and cockroaches, making them quite beneficial.


How can I prevent spiders from entering my home?

To prevent spiders from entering your home you should ensure that your property is regularly cleaned and dusted, as well as free of clutter. Check around your door frames and window sills for holes and entry points and make sure that they are sealed. Other useful spider repellents are lemon-scented furniture polish, chestnuts and cats.


Do cockroaches bite?

Cockroaches are not likely to bite living humans, except in extreme cases of infestation where the population of cockroaches are large and food becomes limited. If a cockroach does bite, they are more likely to bite your feet, hands, fingernails or eyelashes.


Can bats be treated as a pest?

If bats infest your home, their droppings can be corrosive and you will be able to hear noises in the area that they have roosted. Despite this, bats are a protected species in the UK and pest controllers cannot lay down treatment to eradicate them. If you find bats or a roost on your property, you should contact Bat Conservation Trust for further advice.


What do ants eat?

Ants are attracted to foods that are high in sugar and greases, in liquid form. Ants also need a lot of water in order to survive, especially during a drought.


What diseases do mice carry and are they dangerous?

One of the main diseases that mice carry is the Salmonella bacteria (Salmonellosis), which causes a gastrointestinal infection and can infect both animals and humans. Usually the infection will last 4-7 days and in some more serious cases, those infected may need to be hospitalised.


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