How to prepare your home for summer

How To Prepare Your Home For Summer


Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

With summer around the corner, pests are out in full force. Whether it be wasps looking for a place to form a nest or ants attracted to leftover food, it is important to know how to protect your home against unwanted visitors, so that pests don’t ruin your summer. Firstly, ensure that any cracks or gaps in your doors or brickwork are sealed to remove any possible entry points. With the warmer weather comes more garden parties and barbecues. Always ensure that when consuming food outside, everything is cleared and tidied away to prevent rodents, ants and flies from being attracted to your property.

Clean Out Your Pantry

By cleaning out your pantry you will be able to see what items are opened, which ones are out-of-date and which ones need to be re-sealed. Throwing away expired items, sealing all food tightly and cleaning away dust and debris, will prevent getting a pantry moth infestation. Pantry moths are butterfly-like insects that are attracting to starch-based products, such as cereals, flour and pasta.  In addition, once your pantry has been cleared out and organised, you will be able to better see what food you have, which should save you money on your food bills.

Flip Your Mattress

It is recommended that you flip your mattress at least once every six months. Flipping your mattress will extend its longevity and give you an opportunity to hoover it on both sides, which will help to prevent bed bug infestations. We also recommend that you take the opportunity to remove any clutter from underneath your bed when rotating your mattress, as this will reduce the number of small spaces that bed bugs can invade.

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