Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities: Glazing

If you are renting or own rented accommodation and have a glazing issue, it is important to know who is responsible for dealing with the problem and paying for repair costs. We have compiled some examples of common glazing issues, so that you know who is responsible and how to get it resolved quickly and safely.

Landlord Glazing Responsibilities

It is generally a landlord’s responsibility to deal with structural repairs to the property, including repairs to windows and external doors. This means that if a window pane gets broken and it was not caused by the tenant or one of their guests, it will be down to the landlord to repair the damage. It is also imperative for the landlord to ensure that the glass in critical areas of the property meets minimum safety standards.

Tenant Glazing Responsibilities

Tenants are obliged to replace double-glazed units that have been affected by condensation, if it has occurred due to poor ventilation of the property. If you or one of your guests has smashed a pane of glass, you may be required to pay for the replacement. It is always recommended that you check your tenancy agreement before arranging to have any work done, as this will detail any specific requirements and responsibilities set out between you and your landlord.

If you are a landlord looking to update your property’s glazing or you are a tenant requiring an emergency glazier for a window repair, call Able Group for a free quotation.


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