Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities: Locks

We know it isn’t always clear cut when trying to decipher who is responsible to deal with certain domestic problems. Who should cover the cost of repair for a front door lock if it becomes faulty or a lock replacement if the tenant loses their keys? This guide provides answers to these questions and more, so it’s one less stress for you.


Landlord Lock Responsibilities

Landlords are responsible for repairs to the property’s structure. With regards to locks, this means that any problems with external doors and door frames, windows and window frames are the responsibility of the landlord. Faulty door handles, loose hinges and broken locks on external doors are all issues that the landlord should deal with. If an issue arises with the main entrance door frame or lock in a shared property (such as a block of flats), the freeholder or appointed manager is responsible for getting it fixed.


Tenant Lock Responsibilities

Unless otherwise stated, locks and keys are usually included in the provision of the tenancy agreement. This is because they are an integral part of keeping the property secure. However, the tenant is usually obligated to repair any damages to internal doors, including their hinges, handles and locks. If you are a tenant and have lost your keys, you could be required to pay for the cost of changing the locks. Similarly, if you are locked out and require entry to the property by a locksmith, you will usually be required to cover the cost.

If you are locked out and need a professional locksmith to gain entry for you, or you would like a lock to be replaced, Able Group offer 24-hour lock solutions for domestic properties.

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