Premium Locks

Premium & High Security Locks

At Able Group, we understand that, of all places, your home should be a safe and secure place. This is why we’ve detailed a range of premium locks that you can add to your home to reduce the chance of break-ins and burglaries.

banham locks

Can be placed on different areas of the door, but can only be fitted to solid wooden doors. Banham offers security systems that can be designed for specific customer’s properties. This family-run business offer locks with a higher level of security due to the level of key control, meaning that the keys are restricted to the property owner who controls the distribution. Keys are registered to the owner after fitting and can only be duplicated by Banham on the production of their Gold card. Able Group locksmiths can install Banham locks, day or night.

ingersoll locks

Another high security, specialist lock are Ingersoll locks. They have a strong dependability due to their automatic deadlock feature, a 10 lever mechanism. Ingersoll locks come with a recognisable double jagged edge key and can have an accompanying key registration card, meaning that the keys can only be cut at a certain place. If you are interested in upgrading your home security, you can call Able Group, at any time of day, for a free quotation.

premier quality locks

When a front door lock is fitted, it will usually be a British standard mortice lock, euro or rim cylinder. However, for additional security, these locks can be upgraded to premier quality. Premier locks are differentiated by their anti-snapping mechanisms and the ability to resist drilling and bumping. Available 24 hours a day, Able Group can offer you free advice and quotes for the installation of premier quality front door locks.

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