Top 10 Tips to Avoid Infestation

Top 10 Tips to Avoid a Pest Infestation

Top 10 Tips to Avoid a Pest Infestation


  1. Cedar oil extract has been known to repel many different types of pests, particularly fleas.


  1. Lavender bags can easily be stored in your wardrobe and prevent a moth infestation.


  1. To deter rodents from infesting in your home, make sure all openings they could squeeze through are sealed, as some rodents can fit through spaces as little as a 6mm.


  1. By maintaining your plumbing and fixing any leaks, silverfish are discouraged to infest your kitchen, bathroom or cellar.


  1. Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth over your plants and garden beds can prevent slugs, earwigs and soft-bodied garden pests. Insects cannot become immune to this remedy as it is a mechanical killer as opposed to a chemical one.


  1. Ladybirds have been classed as a non-toxic, hypoallergenic and affordable option of controlling pests as their diet mainly consists of plant pollen and pests.


  1. To determine whether your household pet is carrying fleas, check for any flea bites or eggs on the skin regularly to avoid an infestation. It is additionally important to regularly apply flea medication.


  1. By cleaning out your wardrobe regularly, moths are deterred from visiting as they are generally attracted to the dirt and dust that can be found on older clothing.


  1. Conkers can be an effective method in preventing clothing moths, as the brown skins contain a specific compound named triterpenoid saponin that warns off the pests.


  1. Keep your tree branches and any shrubbery trimmed and away from your house to deter pests such as squirrels from entering your home.

We hope this post has helped you in preventing any unwanted visitors from invading your home. If you have already discovered a pest problem, Able Group operate nationwide 24 hours a day.

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